Crisis in Pakistan in times of the corona virus

The crisis triggered by the new corona virus is certainly a difficult time for the whole world. But in third world countries it is particularly difficult and even deadlier than anywhere else. The most important measure against coronavirus is “lock down“ and it is precisely because of this ‘lock down’ that people have to starve even more than they have up to now. Because the poor people, who live from hand to mouth, are not allowed to leave the house, so they cannot earn anything, so they have nothing to eat. Continue reading “Crisis in Pakistan in times of the corona virus”

The story of Charlotte Javed

Charlotte Javed is an icon of courage!

This is how none-Muslim girls are forced to become Muslims: if they don’t want to become Muslims voluntarily their lives and the lives of their loved ones are threatened.

Just like in the case of Charlotte Javed, a very brave teenager. She was kidnapped and tortured by evil Mullahs to force her to become Muslim or at least get intimidated and deny Jesus. But Charlotte is very brave, even though she was alone amongst all these evil men. A Mullah commanded her, after having slapped her on her face, to repeat the words that “Mohammed is the only prophet of Allah”, which means that after saying these words one turns to be a Muslim! But Charlotte refused to pronounce these words so the Mullah threatened to kill her and her family. Charlotte answered the Mullah “DO WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT I WILL NOT DENY JESUS” so the Mullah slapped her again.

After some time Charlotte had recovered from the torture by the Mullahs. Now she is even more courageous then ever before and we are so happy for her and her family.
After Charlotte had been saved from the evil Mullahs she has become an Icon courage to all the young girls.

The Justice of Islam

According to the picture above if a Muslim commits a crime against none Muslims, the Muslim judges don’t want to punish the Muslims😳 because in Islam doing harm to none Muslims should be permitted. But according to the law all human beings must be equal. So why do Muslim judges refuse to give justice to non Muslims?

The same was done in the case of Asia Bibi: People who had given false witnesses against her were the reason why she had to stay almost 10 years in the death cell, although she hadn’t been accused of any crime 😞 This all happened because the Muslim judge refused to punish the accusers and that’s not justice.

Being Masih and having Masih as surname

Being Masih and having Masih as a surname (often as a substitute surname) is a big difference, especially in Pakistan.

One who is Masih is a happy follower of Jesus who loves to pray, loves to read the Bible and loves going to church.
But a person who gets, or takes, Masih as a (substitute) surname faces many ugly consequences.

First, let’s talk about why Masih is a substitute surname:
Masih is actually neither a given name nor a surname. it simply means Christian and is used in Pakistan as a substitute surname to distinguish Christians from Muslims. This also makes it easier to discriminate against them. This is where we come to our point: someone who has Masih as a substitute surname is treated over and over again as a second or even third class person and has almost no human rights. Hatred, discrimination, insults and injustice must be endured.
Being a masih is the most beautiful thing. But the consequences that many Christians in Islamic countries and in Pakistan have to endure are very inhuman and unjust.

We want to change that!

Surely no one wants to be treated like that.
The question is: what would you do to escape such situations?

Masih, call for rally 05/26/2018